Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2022

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Weekly lottery for small charities

Thinking that the fundraising power of a weekly lottery is out of reach for smaller charities? No longer.

Welcome to Affinity Lottery, the weekly lottery specifically designed for small charities, sports clubs and societies just like yours.

By sharing the lottery love with other charities, with everything managed by our Affinity team, you get all the benefits of offering a big prize lottery, with no administrative burden and no ongoing fees. Amazing!



You’re only charged for the chances played by your lottery players. After a small set up fee that’s it. Woods Valldata manages the administrative side of things so you can focus on your player recruitment and income – doing as much or as little as you like.


With a top insured prize of £25,000, £1,000 insured second prize and £300 worth of guaranteed runners up prizes your lottery will be more than competitive with others in the market – with winners every week. And the best bit? Woods Valldata will pay out the prizes each week so you don’t have to. You get all the benefits without having to bear the costs of a prize fund.


Simple, quick and easy, Affinity uses templates to ensure your lottery not only looks good but is compliant too. We even set-up and manage your DDs for you. From sign-ups, payment processing, player admin and draw management, your lottery players are in safe hands.


Affinity lottery is the no risk, no fuss, no worry, no hassle way to increase income for your cause or club. We’ll take care of your lottery with minimal cost to you, leaving you with the time and energy to focus on growth and achieving your ambitions.


Manage sign-ups quickly and easily through your own templated website with your charity branding. Supporters can choose their own numbers and set-up their payments via your user-friendly and straightforward lottery site.

Recruitment years 1 to 3

Channel Annual Budget No. of Players
Organic Recruitment n/a
Digital £ 125

If you would like to discuss your results, you can book a free consultation here or talk to us.

Year No. of players Recruitment cost Processing cost Income Net income
Year 1 0 £ £ £ £
Year 2 £ £ £ £
Year 3 £ £ £ £
Total £ £ £ £

Year 1 Calculations

Channel Y1 Recruited Year 1 Income Processing Cost Y1
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £

Year 2 Calculations

Channel Y2 Recruited Year 2 Income Processing Cost Y2
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £

Year 3 Calculations

Channel Y3 Recruited Year 3 Income Processing Cost Y3
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £