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Case study

Response Handling for Alzheimer’s Research UK

How Woods Valldata saved the day for Alzheimer's Research UK when their incumbent response handling service provider ran into difficulties. Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading research charity aiming to defeat dementia. The ARUK vision is for “...a world where people are free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia.”


Alzheimer’s Research UK were midway through an appeal when their incumbent response handling service provider encountered problems and was suddenly unable to continue processing responses on their behalf. Needing to find another supplier at very short notice in order to limit the disruption to the campaign, Alzheimer’s Research UK turned to Woods Valldata for help.


  • Emergency provision of response handling service
  • Seamless campaign continuation
  • Over 7,000 responses promptly processed
  • Minimal post-campaign queries

“Having issues with a supplier midway through an important campaign is a big worry. Luckily our existing relationship with Woods Valldata made them an obvious first port of call when we needed an urgent fix. They very smoothly handled a really speedy transition and were up and running and processing our donations within a few days. It was such a relief to see the donations finally coming through and our supporters being thanked. Thanks Woods Valldata! You helped us out of a tight spot and we are extremely grateful!”

Marissa Stewart, Direct Marketing Officer, Alzheimer’s Research UK


Woods Valldata already had well-established processes and technology in place to handle raffle responses for ARUK, matured over two years of partnership.  As a market leader in this field, Woods Valldata were able to utilise the same skills and infrastructure in order to quickly establish and implement a solution to ARUK’s short notice appeal handling requirement with no additional set-up costs incurred.

Within three days from the initial point of contact, Woods Valldata collected over 7,000 response forms and immediately began processing them. This swift response meant minimal disruption to the response handling process for the ARUK’s ongoing campaign and that donations were banked and results reported on in a timely fashion.

Perhaps more importantly, Woods Valldata were able to promptly send thank-you letters to donors. This helped negate any concerns from donors over delays in processing their gifts which in turn minimised the need for query resolution within the ARUK supporter services team.

The whole transition, implementation and subsequent campaign management were handled by the Woods Valldata three-tier account management team. This consists of a dedicated Account Director, Account Manager and Account Executive all working on the ARUK account to ensure a sector-leading service.

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