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Guide Dogs Lottery

– Woods Valldata partnered with Guide Dogs to successfully reinvent and accelerate its Weekly Lottery.

We first met with Guide Dogs in 2009 to work on their weekly lottery. Guide Dogs needed a partner with the passion to refresh this fundraising route and the expertise to develop it into a significant income stream.

Over the course of five years, we have assembled a comprehensive team drawing on a range of skill-sets capitalising on individual and corporate strengths within and beyond Woods and Guide Dogs. Throughout this time we have continued to work closely to build strategically and implement effectively.

In 2014, Guide Dogs placed the priority firmly on acquisition, tasking us with bringing in a substantial number of new supporters via cold CPA telephone fundraising. We are proud to say that we have exceeded our target by 25% each month.

“I can safely say that (Woods) provide a fantastic service, with friendly and professional account management. Our fundraising products have grown considerably since we began working together, helped greatly by the specialist knowledge and scalability that Woods provides.”

Claire Baker, Direct Marketing Manager – Cash Giving – Guide Dogs.

Partnership Works Best

Woods has created and manages a seamless working relationship between a range of suppliers. We know that ease of communication, reporting and data transfer, supported by a knowledgeable and service-oriented account management team, has been fundamental to the success of Guide Dogs’ revitalised weekly lottery.

Laura Illsley, Account Director at Woods explains:

“The key to the successful relationship has been the ability to identify strengths and work as an integrated team with the client, Woods and other specialist suppliers. For example, Guide Dogs’ internal fundraising team know their own supporters well. They are perfectly placed to deliver the conversion and reactivation programme. The new recruits are signed up – whether by phone or online – and passed to Woods to process and set up. We take care of all direct debit administration and ensure all new players, from all channels, are welcomed into the programme and start to play promptly.”

Senior Account Manager at Guide Dogs continues:

“Woods swiftly set up our account and have been managing it professionally and pro-actively since. We have a great working relationship with the account management team, and consistently receive good service and solutions for improvement.”

The Outcomes

Working together Woods and Guide Dogs have:

  • Increased acquisition channels from 1 to 5 with the introduced of TM, F2F, online and events recruitment to support DM acquisition.
  • Increased the number of players by 55%.
  • Consistently over-delivered against monthly new supporter targets by 25% .



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