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Case study

Innovation in weekly lottery increases players by 147% within 2 years

RNIB and Woods Valldata deliver market-leading innovation in their weekly lottery offering, providing players with more fun, flexibility and choice.


With increased charity lottery competition, RNIB were looking for the next innovation to attract and retain their players with an easier sell-in proposition and more play interaction.


The major transition from traditional charity-style Carousel lottery product to the more interactive Lotto lottery product was an instant success:

  • Grew by 52% within the first year, and a further 63% in the second year
  • Total 147% growth in the two years after moving to the new style lottery



A review of KPIs and the RNIB supporter profile in 2014 identified that players would respond well to a more interactive lottery approach, with more opportunities to play through digital channels and a clearer payment structure.


  • Migrate to more digitally friendly Lotto lottery product from Carousel meaning players could have the options to ‘choose your own numbers’ or have a ‘lucky dip’
  • Build and launch a nifty RNIB Weekly Lottery App which you shake for new numbers and experience each draw live
  • Rebrand the lottery to re-energise the programme making it feel even more fun and joyful
  • Enhance the supporter journey
  • Implement variable Direct Debit payment structure


We migrated the Carousel lottery product to our Lotto lottery to give players more control over their play – making it more robust, flexible and scalable. System development meant that we could facilitate the recommendations, all controlled by the player online or via an innovative new app. One of the pivotal changes to make this possible was to switch players from a static Direct Debit of £4.34 per chance per month to an easier to explain variable Direct Debit depending on the number of draws in the calendar month. This change required simultaneous player migration to a new system, achieved without any issue or disruption to the supporter.


We continue to partner with RNIB on their weekly lottery programme. In this way, we ensure that the RNIB weekly lottery continues to be one of the leading charity lotteries in the UK.
Some recent successes include:

  • A reduction in the ‘no show’ rate of 23% by implementing a new, more engaging, welcome pack
  • Reducing 12-month attrition by 41% through the implementation of an offline nursery program

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