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Published by Woods Group

Five reasons to include Woods in your next Direct Debit supplier review

As a charity you will understand the importance of regularly benchmarking your supply arrangements. Your requirements change over time and markets develop and evolve. Before you know it an arrangement which was once fit for purpose and highly competitive may have been overtaken by the market.

Here we have set out five key reasons why we hope you will include us in your next Direct Debit supplier review round:

Highly compliant – our Direct Debit services are fully BACS approved and audited. What’s more our business takes all data security and integrity extremely seriously, as underlined by our PCI DSS level 1 and Gambling Commission Remote Technical Standards (closely based on ISO 27001) accreditations.

Charity specialists – we only work in the UK charity sector and are proud to serve over 50 of the country’s best known charities. We understand the requirements, nuances and priorities of this great sector. We are specialists, not generalists.

Award winning account management – every client we work with benefits from the services of a highly experienced and dedicated account management team. They know our sector and our services inside out. And they’ve won awards for it.

Uniquely experienced on-boarding and delivery team – our implementation and delivery team is the most experienced in the sector today. Within this team sits over 50 years of collective experience. Very direct experience of on-boarding and delivering Direct Debit services to UK charities of all sizes.

Highly efficient – the efficiency of our processes benefit quality, service and price. Our robust and refined operational approach delivers market leading value to our clients. We closely benchmark the market and are confident that you won’t find price a barrier to working with us. Offering market leading services at highly competitive prices is always our aim.

So if it’s time you reviewed your current Direct Debit arrangements we hope you will find out for yourself what Woods can offer your charity. Find out more.

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