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Published by Woods Group

Five ways to improve your charity lottery website

We often speak to charities about how to engage their supporters in their charity lottery, with the aim of driving more supporters to play both on and offline.

Some charities can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds a year promoting their charity lottery, but what happens to these supporters once they hit the charity’s lottery website? If your website isn’t fully optimised to convert these supporters into players, you could be losing valuable supporter interest.

Here are our top five tips to ensure your charity lottery website isn’t costing you supporters:

1. Prize

Is it clear when you first land on your lottery website what the prizes are? The best lottery websites will draw supporters in with prizes and inspirational images.

For example, the Asthma UK charity lottery website engages supporters as soon as they land on the site with multiple prize offerings.

Asthma UK Charity Lottery

2. Cause

In order to gain long term supporters, you need them to identify and sympathise with your cause. Show visitors to your charity lottery website what their donations can achieve. How are they helping progress your cause?

A good example of this can be found on the Poppy Lottery website, where visitors are given a personal account of how their support has helped Anna triumph.

Poppy Lottery

3. Call to actions

Are there clear, concise calls to action on your homepage? Visitors to your charity lottery website must be able to see what they need to do next as soon as they land on the page. Is it obvious how to play? Is the ‘Play Now’ button enticing?

Blind Veterans UK look to convert visitors to players as soon as they land on the homepage by placing the ‘Play Now’ button in the top right corner, a placement often associated with transactional sites which will help encourage visitors to click.

The colour of the button is also important, it’s worth testing this to see which colour resonates most with your supporters. A simple change of button colour can have a significant impact on your click though rate, and ultimately on your conversion rate.

Blind Veterans Charity Lottery

4. Mobile optimisation

Some of our charities see more than 80% of visitors to their lottery website viewing the site on a mobile device. If your site isn’t mobile optimised you will be losing players that you have fought so hard to get to your site in the first place.

As one of the leading charity lottery providers in the UK, we ensure all our websites are mobile optimised, so you can be sure your supporters are experiencing the best of your website, regardless of what device they are viewing it on.

5. User journey

Is your user journey as quick and simple as it could be? Here at Woods Group, we are continually reviewing our websites to ensure the smoothest user journey possible.

Recent research into the user journey of one of our charity lottery websites revealed a large drop off on the personal details page, which was the first step in the purchasing journey. So, to reduce drop off rate and improve the user journey, we changed the order of the pages so supporters choose the number of tickets they want to purchase before entering their personal details. This small change has meant supporters are more invested in the purchase by the time they come to enter their personal information, and so we have seen a reduction in the drop off rates.

Continually reviewing your Google Analytics will help you spot these weak points in the user journey of your website, and knowing what needs to be improved is the first step to creating a better user journey.

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So, there you have it. Our top five tips to creating a better website for your charity lottery. If you would like to find out more, call us today on 01249 653444. Alternatively, you can contact our expert charity lottery providers via our contact form.

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