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Fundraising for sports clubs & societies

here are many ways for sports clubs and societies to raise funds, some of the most well-known being donations from individuals, traditional fundraising events, larger events like annual dinners, charity auctions, gifts in memory and fundraising from personal challenges.

All of these fundraising activities are valuable and as an sports club it is worth taking time to explain how members can help raise funds and what’s involved. Setting up a page on your website is a great place to start. This page should include all the essential details and give tips on the best approach. You can also promote fundraising more traditionally using posters and leaflets in your facility.

Money raised through fundraising provides vital funds to sports clubs & societies to make a difference in the experience of members, players and supporters.

There is also a very valuable way of generating helpful recurring funds that many sports clubs are taking advantage of… a lottery. Lotteries allow sports clubs to raise money from the public in a way that has broad appeal. The added incentive of a prize enables clubs and societies to engage with those who may otherwise not donate and gain new supporters.

Woods Valldata provides an off-the-shelf charity lottery that is specifically designed for sports clubs and smaller charities, called Affinity Lottery. Woods Valldata has helped numerous small charities and sports clubs to raise significant amounts of money through Affinity Lottery, and it has the advantage of being simple and inexpensive to set up and run.

Affinity Lottery for sports clubs and societies

Affinity Lottery is a low-cost lottery product that is ideal for sports clubs and societies As a Trust you can have a lottery setup and running within 2 weeks. Branded to your sports club or society the lottery includes all you need for success including a website to promote your lottery and comprehensive online lottery management.

The cash prizes on offer in Affinity Lottery are significant, giving the lottery broad appeal. All the prizes are administrated by Woods Valldata, who are registered External Lottery Managers audited annually by the Gambling Commission.

Affinity Lottery includes:
– low set-up fee and pay-per-play only ongoing costs
– your own bespoke lottery website
– real-time access to data and reporting on your lottery
– password protected player login to their account
– Gambling Commission compliant operations and draw management, with all prizes covered by Woods Valldata

What our clients say

Redwings Weekly Lottery

Redwings is the UK’s largest horse charity, responsible for over 2,000 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, and funded solely by supporter donations.

Age UK Direct Debit Migration

Outsourcing time-consuming Direct Debit (DD) processing made life easier and simpler for Age UK through Woods Valldata’s Direct Debit for charities service.

Events & Webinars

Affinity Lottery Webinar

Thinking of starting a weekly lottery and looking for a fun, easy and risk-free place to start?
Share the lottery love with Affinity Lottery, a quick, easy and risk free way to boost your regular giving income through weekly lottery.