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Published by Martin Kirk

Payment processing speed and accuracy enhanced with intelligent deployment of new software and hardware

99.9% accurate read rates

Woods Group today announces the deployment of our new intelligent IBML SCS data capture software along with new hardware.

The implementation delivers instant scalability, increased capacity, improved service and provides an unrivalled solution to the current offering within the charitable donation processing sector.

The introduction of the IBML SCS software enables Woods to process faster whilst increasing the throughput by a staggering 500%. Our clients will experience improved read rates, faster banking and the flexibility to use their own form codes without strict guidelines determining the design and format of the response device – at no extra cost.


  • Improved validation, measured at 99.9% on certain interactions
  • Significant scalability, allowing much greater on demand capacity
  • Varied formats possible without limitation to design or format

Typical interactions:

  • One off payments
  • Direct Debits
  • Raffle purchases
  • Lottery sign ups
  • Gift Aid declarations

If you’d like to discuss how we could improve speed and reduce costs of processing or you’d like to test our new facility head to head against your current solution, please get in touch.

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