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Response to the Fundraising Preference Service

The FPS working group published their working paper on how a Fundraising Preference Service could work and invited response from all fundraisers throughout March. We know that they’ve got a lot to consider, and we were really pleased at how many responses we saw across the sector. However, we were disappointed not to see more support for raffles.

There seemed to be a general acceptance (including by the Institute of Fundraising) that raffles are Fundraising communications and so entirely covered by the FPS. It is our view that raffles and lotteries should be excluded from the FPS for the following reasons:

  • They are not eligible for Gift Aid, clearly demonstrating a key difference between them and fundraising asks
  • They are subject to extensive legal requirements, forcefully regulated by the Gambling Commission
  • The commercial lottery operators who are not subject to the FPS would be given a very unfair advantage over charitable organisations

This was the key point of our response to the working group, and we also provided feedback on the importance of ensuring donors are properly thanked (including for their regular gifts), and raised our concerns on how the over-ride will be administered.

There is much discussion still to come on the future of fundraising regulation, and we look forward to engaging further as the proposals develop.

If you would like a full copy of our response, please email [email protected] or log in and download from our client area

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