Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2022

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Applying data strategy and insight will help you to make the best decisions and deliver your charity fundraising strategy objectives.

Return on investment and growth are at the heart of your fundraising mission, so that you can raise more funds with less expenditure and help deliver the vital services of your charity.

The single biggest way to solidify your fundraising strategy and deliver more from your programme for less is by making your data work for you. Getting the right information in a way that makes sense and can inform decision making is a must to maximise income and improve both KPIs and ROI.

Our Data Strategy and Insight team are fundraising specialists.  

They understand the charity market and what you’re looking to achieve as a fundraiser. And they communicate their findings in a way that everyone can grasp – not just the data scientists – so it’s easy for you to talk it through with others in your organisation, gain buy-in, and apply.

As part of Woods Valldata’s data strategy and insight services for charities, you’ll be able to take advantage of: 

Analysis, insights and information

Based on your project parameters, we deliver comprehensive and easy-to-understand analysis and reporting, including industry benchmarks, to support decision making around your fundraising strategy. Insights are actionable and specific to your charity helping drive your programme effectiveness. 

Data strategy support

Optimise your data. Target the right people, in the right way, with the right ask, on the right channel for your programmes. And in doing so, improve fundraising strategy KPIs and reduce costs. Using key marketing and CRM principles we help you find the best data solution for your campaigns, and build lasting relationships with your supporters.

Testing strategy advice

Successfully build your programmes using clear, objective-led, programmatic testing strategies. We support you through advising on the best testing strategy for your programmes based on your objectives, historic data and our extensive experience in the sector. It’s a winning combination.

Our in-house data strategy and insights team offer:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Thought leadership and benchmarking
  • Bespoke projects
  • Data-led strategy planning support

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