Air Ambulance doctors and medics wearing high vis running to a waiting yellow helicopter. Representing Woods Valldata's work with Air Ambulances and other local charities,
Brown dog with his eyes closed and head out of a car window enjoying the sensation of the wind. Representing Woods Valldata's work with animal charities.
Smiling lady wearing a bright yellow waterproof jacket, her arms raised to the canopy roof surrounded by green bamboo shoots. Image taken from worms eye view so can see the canopy and the sun shining through the leaves. Representing Woods Valldata's work with environmental charities.
Image of an older homeless lady with short grey hair wearing a coat and scarf holding a white bowl. In the background are three servers in a soup kitchen wearing face masks. Representing Woods Valldata's work with community, homelessness and care sector charities.
Young boy in traditional African print shirt smiling with his hands outstretched because it is raining. Representing Woods Valldata's work with international aid and disaster relief charities.
Cancer patient wearing a light blue headscarf and matching t-shirt sitting in a wheelchair with arms outstretched to the sides (like an aeroplane) smiling with joy and being pushed down a path by a young woman in blue jeans and orange t-shirt, with blond hair also smiling. Representing Woods Valldata's work with hospices and health sector charities.
Young girl sitting on a medical scanning machine ready to be scanned, smiling up at a medical professional - a lady wearing a white lab coat with dark hair and glasses. Representing Woods Valldata's work with medical and health sector charities.

Partners in Possibility

Only Woods Valldata offer charities a full spectrum of outsourced fundraising services to make your supporters feel appreciated and elevate your ability to achieve more.

When you outsource your fundraising services to us, we work in partnership with you, not just for you – and always with the closest support, a caring approach, expert guidance, and strategic advice. We’re in it with you to deliver the best possible experience for your supporters and the highest possible return for your fundraising spend.

We can do great things together

Working with you to achieve the best in:

What we do

Our state of the art facilities provide charities with the very best outsourced fundraising services.

If you’re a UK charity looking to outsource your response handling and fulfilment, start a raffle or weekly lottery or explore alternative suppliers, why not pop in and see us.

We have a number of open days throughout the year for you to come and see what we do.

Latest news and resources

St Vincent de Paul Society Affinity Lottery

The St Vincent de Paul Society (England & Wales) (SVP) is part of an international Christian voluntary network dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms by providing practical assistance to people in need.

The National Brain Appeal Affinity Lottery

The National Brain Appeal provides much-needed funds to support The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery and the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology – together known as Queen Square.

Over The Wall (OTW) Affinity Lottery

Over The Wall (OTW) is a UK based charity for children and young people with health challenges and disabilities to discover a world of mischief and magic. They provide a safe place to step outside of comfort zones, establish friendships and build confidence through meaningful and exciting activities.

Kettering Town Council Affinity Lottery

Kettering Town Council provides a democratic and representative voice for the community. Collectively they strive to make Kettering a better place to live, work and visit and they support and contribute towards the sustainable economic and social well-being of the town, having regard to the needs and wishes of the local community.

King’s College Hospital Charity’s Affinity Lottery

Based in South-East London, King’s College Hospitals see around 1.5million people through their doors each year. They are leaders in liver care and oncology and, with a helipad on site, are a key facility for air ambulance services.

PETA UK Affinity Lottery

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation is a UK based charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. They educate policymakers and the public about cruelty to animals and promote an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

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