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Every successful raffle depends on a powerful combination of digital integration, insight and experience. At Woods Valldata, our experience in delivering innovative and effective charity raffles is unrivalled. Benefitting from the combined expertise of two leading service businesses we believe Woods Valldata is the best provider you will find in the fundraising sector. We consistently drive our best-in-sector raffle programmes forward and are proud of how our commitment to excellence continues to maximise results for our clients.

Online income grew by two thirds over previous campaigns

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Our in-house offering encompasses all stages of raffle:

  • Strategy and program direction
  • Design
  • Data processing and preparation
  • Pack and raffle ticket print and production
  • Mailing
  • On-line integration
  • Response handling
  • Data capture
  • Thanking and banking
  • Raffle draw
  • Reporting and analysis

Account team
Creative strategy
Data strategy
Cost effective


We run an extensive and varied programme undertaking more than 40 raffle tests a year testing everything from format variants to creative mechanisms and data-driven initiatives.

The results are carefully monitored and analysed and the tests with proven beneficial outcomes are then rolled out to clients. Our Client Directors undertake a ‘test, measure, refine and roll out’ methodology based on empirical test results.



Account team

Our approach to handling your account is unique within our sector. All of our teams are experienced charity sector specialists working solely in the charity gaming arena and bringing an unsurpassed level of knowledge to your programme.

You will work with a specialist team
Client Director- Your Client Director is the custodian of our relationship and is a charity raffle strategist. Charged with driving data and creative strategy of your programme our CD’s are experienced, analytical, results driven and systematic and on hand as your own raffle and lottery guru.

Your Client Director is fully supported by a blended team of subject matter experts including Account Managers, Business Analysts and Account Executives. Dedicated to your account and backed by our Zendesk customer support system your team will bring a sector-leading level of insight, knowledge and productivity to our relationship.

Your team also has daily access to a hugely experienced group of departmental managers looking after our delivery functions- data, design, production, compliance and response management.


Creative strategy

We have more than fifteen years’ experience of designing responsive and compelling charity raffle packs, blending recognition and familiarity with doormat presence, calls to action and ease of response.

Our in-house specialists design with the responder demographic in mind and we work with sector specialist copywriters to deliver compelling reasons to play and support. Our Client Directors are charged with driving your creative strategy forward with each new charity raffle we run and come armed with extensive learning from our active test programmes.

Data strategy

Our work on raffle data strategy has been transforming raffle programs for over a decade. A huge intelligence bank of campaign results and test outcomes has helped us craft a powerful set of raffle data tools and using warm, lapsed and cold data to drive significant growth in your raffle player pool is the name of the game.

Our Client Directors are experienced raffle data strategists, so data hygiene selection, selection strategy, Ask Methodology and player journey are all areas your dedicated CD will have a laser focus on. Our reporting suite and real-time results visibility also allow our team to provide truly insightful data analysis. A key foundation on which to develop and refine your program.

We also provide unique raffle sector benchmarking intelligence through our anonymised results database which enables us to compare your programme’s performance with those of similar organisations. This also provides your account team with clear areas in which to focus their developmental activities.

Cost effective

Our in-house production facilities are configured for cost-effective and efficient raffle and lottery production. . We are also one of the few bulk manufacturers of charity raffle tickets in the UK with a capacity to produce over 500 million tickets a year.

Our business model means we are in control of our own margins and do not need to buy in and mark up on top of the manufacturer’s cost. Our technology led response handling process ensures we deliver speed with accuracy through our automated opening lines and scanning machinery.

As a result, we are the most cost-effective and accurate charity raffle provider in the market.


We design, build and host online raffle response sites for many of our clients. These allow players to respond online quickly and easily. They also provide a useful landing page for potential raffle players who aren’t part of your direct mail raffle program enabling players to be directed there from a myriad of other fundraising activities.

Our specialists are on hand to help you drive new players to your charity raffle via multiple online channels.

“We have twice won the Barnardo’s Gold Star Supplier award. This was mainly due to the effectiveness of our account teams.”

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