Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2022

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Experienced Charity Raffle Providers

Charity raffles are a great way to engage your supporter base in a fun and joyful giving experience. 

They offer the best of both worlds: they appeal to a large cross-section of existing charity donors and will also encourage additional supporters who may be more motivated by winning than giving – but still want to support a good cause. 

So, if you’re looking to grow a supporters’ lifetime value through cross-sell, re-engage lapsed donors, or grow your donor base through acquisition, then a raffle might be the right avenue for you. 

We truly believe in raffles as an effective channel for income generation for charities. We get to know your charity, understand your data and supporters, and work in close partnership with you to develop a raffle strategy which helps achieve your ambitions. 

We support you on creative, ask, segmentation, incentive, channel and test strategy, integrating digital and print media as appropriate to reach as many new and existing supporters as possible.  

We want your programmes to succeed as much as you do, and we pride ourselves in working with charities to consistently grow and develop their raffle programme. 

RSPB golden ticket incentives, postal creatives and raffle tickets as part of a charity raffle project by Woods Valldata.

Compliance confidence

Woods Valldata were one of the first External Lottery Managers (ELM), so we have plenty of experience working with charities such as yours.  

We’re the only ELM in the UK to have a certificate in PCI DSS Tier 1, which ensures we put security at the core of everything we do.  

We work with you to make sure your programme is fully compliant with the LCCP and RTS standards required so you needn’t worry whether you’re doing everything you should be. We’ll help you through it every step of the way! 


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Print and Digital

You may have increased your digital fundraising activity or be looking for ways to develop and grow your programmes.  

With Woods Valldata, you have access to the best channel strategy advice for your programme implemented in-house through our design studio and raffle website developers, so your players can choose the best platform for them to join the raffle. 


Everything in one place

End-to-end services means minimal effort from you for maximum returns.  

We cover everything in-house with just one point of contact – from the design and production of raffle packs and online response, response handling, banking and thanking so we can help keep everything efficient and cost-effective for you – all of which is supported by unrivalled prize-led programme strategy, data analysis and insight. 


Our in-house offering encompasses all stages of raffle:

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“Woods Valldata have been helpful with the implementation and innovation behind our Golden ticket incentive, which has grown from strength to strength over the last few years.”


– Natalie Allen, Direct Marketing Manager – Prize Led, RSPB


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