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How we work

Everything we do drives to enhancing the supporter experience.

The values we live by

We help charities raise more funds. We do that by helping them to attract and retain more supporters, who give more for a longer time. We do that by excelling in the service we provide to our charity partners, ensuring their supporters receive the very best possible experience.

We are Partners in Possibility

What do you want to achieve? How far do you want to go? Where can we take you next?
At Woods Valldata, we’re here for you, there for your supporters. We’re passionate about people, partnerships and what we can achieve when we all work together. We see you, your charity, our people and your supporters as a productive partnership, pushing the possibilities of what your fundraising programme can achieve.

Partners in Possibility is the result of brilliant relationships, where we support, advise and guide across your activity with us with friendly expertise. We openly share knowledge and ideas, use insight and strategy to innovate, and find ways to elevate everyone’s ability to do more. 

You trust us to handle your campaigns. We deliver. We treat your supporters as our own. In turn, they feel more connected to your cause, more loyal, more giving and more valued with every campaign. 

We focus on doing what’s right, meeting and exceeding your expectations – always compliant, always on time, always doing what’s best to achieve the results your charity needs. By managing your response and fulfilment, print and production really well we free up the space for you to innovate with us, to push the boundaries and find new ways to surprise and delight. 

We’re your Partners in Possibility. We can do great things together.

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