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Taking the risk out of charity Direct Debit

Processing Direct Debits is a complicated task requiring training and experience. Knowing how to manage BACS returns, ensuring submissions are valid and timely, and adhering to stringent Direct Debit regulations makes it a specialist job. Missing just one payment schedule can mean a loss of thousands to your charity. Outsourcing your Direct Debit to a fundraising services partner, approved by BACS, passes on that risk and takes the worry out of regular giving.

No missed income

In our world, there’s no such thing as ‘just a Direct Debit’, and our charity Direct Debit services help you to not only collect your payments, but increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security. No matter what changes are done; in-house to your CRM; with internal structures; during staff sickness or annual leave; or even in unprecedented circumstances like Covid-19, your DD processing remains consistent and robust. No missed submissions, no missed income.

Cost reductions in the region of 30%

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Checks and measures

With so much at stake for your donor relationship and income generation, we make sure that risk is mitigated by subjecting each and every submission to a series of both automated and human checks and measures. And in the unlikely event of our system failing, we have clear business continuity management in place to make sure payment and instruction files are still submitted.

Your supporter records are safe with us. We process DD payments totally more than £67million per year so we know what we’re doing. We’re fully compliant with BACS requirements, PCI DSS, the DPA and GDPR and your customer service protocol including:

  • Modulus checking for supporter bank detail validation and verification
  • Fulfilment of ANLs and welcome packs where relevant to BACS lead times
  • Reject process with automatically amending or cancelling the Direct Debit depending on the BACS reject reason
  • Tailored and personalised Customer Services letters
  • Re-attempt of failed payments where applicable
  • Banking direct into your account


“Combining Woods Valldata’s managed Direct Debit service with our innovative online Direct Debit portal means you can sign up donors 24/7 and eliminate the need for paper forms.”

Exporting and reporting

Data exports are ready to upload directly into your database to help your reconciliation process and a full suite of reports available on-demand through our online portal mean you can easily monitor your payments and clearly understand each transaction’s status.


Our online service provides:

  • Fully branded pages
  • Secure Hosting on Woods Valldata server
  • 128 bit SSL Security
  • Bank Account Validation & PAF
  • Reduced administration for the charity
  • A secure administration area
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Mobile optimised
  • Social Media, Facebook, Twitter

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