Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2021

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Our managed charity lottery service

Our nation loves weekly lottery. In the charity sector, as a product, lottery is going from strength to strength with sales estimated to reach more than £9.4bn by 2024. Why is it such an attractive proposition?

For the supporter, it’s a relatively low monthly expense and there is a lot of opportunity around the prize fund and number of opportunities to win. Plus, as a regular gift, the supporter doesn’t have to do a lot of work in order to play.

For your charity, it means a monthly commitment that’s relatively stable, the opportunity to be creative with the product and lots of potential for donor acquisition, using lottery as an entry point to support your charitable cause.

Lottery success with minimal risk

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How this works for you

Whether you have a long-running established lottery you’re looking to migrate, or you’re looking to set up your own bespoke lottery product, or your charity has a smaller supporter base from which to set-up and grow a weekly lottery, Woods Valldata has something to suit your organisation.

With you all the way

Weekly lottery programmes can feel daunting. Woods Valldata are here to walk you through the migration or set-up, taking on the administration and operational elements, so you can relax and focus on the fun stuff: growing your supporter base, increasing player value and maximising income for your cause.

We’re there for you on operations and compliance – ensuring you have the digital and postal platforms you need to support and manage your players, process direct debit payments, keep service levels high and costs low to maximise ROI all whilst adhering to the Gambling Commisson’s LCCP and RTS standards and requirements.

We’re there for you on supporter care – operating a sophisticated inbound supporter care service to manage weekly lottery enquiries and feeding back to you as an extension of your team.

We don’t just run your weekly lottery as your External Lottery Manager, we partner with you to ensure it continues to perform for you and works to meet your wider fundraising objectives.

We’re there for you on strategy – working with you on acquisition channels and approaches, up-sell and retention initiatives and optimise the lottery.





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