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Case study

300% Player growth in first 6 months after migration

All the hassle of day-to-day player and draw management is taken in-hand by Woods Valldata, leaving St. John Ambulance with more capacity to focus on retention and acquisition.


Their external lottery manager was holding them back. St. John Ambulance were looking to migrate to a reliable and scalable solution to enable them to grow and innovate within the prize-led fundraising stream. Woods Valldata was the obvious partner of choice.


  • Seamless migration of 350 players without missing a draw.
  • Investment followed increased confidence since moving resulting in uplift of 2,500 players in just 6 months.

“We knew we would be in safe hands with Woods Valldata. I’d worked with them before and never had any issues. The best thing is having everything in one place: the data, the management, Direct Debit processing, and the reporting so there is no additional work required. We had a lot of issues with our previous supplier but now everything works a
treat! It’s all very smooth and hassle-free. We’re just so relieved to be with Woods Valldata and would recommend them to anyone.”

Catherine Barry, Direct Marketing Manager, St. John Ambulance



We worked in partnership with St. John Ambulance to identify their unique needs for their weekly lottery based on their current player profiles, player numbers and ambitions.


We identified that migrating to our Aspire Lottery would perfectly fit their current requirements. Designed for smaller weekly lottery programmes, Aspire has an insured top prize, quick and easy set-up and scalable growth opportunities all within a tried and tested template.

The benefits of this are:

  • Minimal resource requirement from St. John Ambulance for set-up, player management and draw management
  • More time to focus efforts on strategic fundraising including player acquisition and upsell opportunities
  • Tried and tested migration approach ensuring smooth transition


The migration of around 350 existing St. John Ambulance lottery players was handled seamlessly by our migration team, allowing a change of lottery product and provider without missing a draw. Woods Valldata are able to handle all the data imports and validation regardless of source and process all Direct Debit payments. We also run and manage their digital player platform enabling additional play options. A single point for data and reporting means reconciliation and supporter journey planning are now easily managed.

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