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Establishing a new weekly lottery, fast

Woods Valldata’s Aspire Lottery helped the charity Independent Age swiftly launch a new Lottery Programme which, over just a six-month period, helped to recruit 2,500 new supporters to their existing 10,000 base and generated an income value of over £56,000. With a high response rate, the weekly lottery is proving to be a good investment and a popular method of supporter engagement.


In 2015, Independent Age (IA) launched an ambitious five-year strategy to significantly increase the positive impact they had on older people in the community who miss out on vital support, by expanding their services, campaigns and public engagement activities. They have made remarkable progress since then and have helped over 1 million elderly people. However, to continue with their vital work, and to achieve their ambitious growth plans, the need to expand their fundraising activities to recruit new supporters was essential.

After careful deliberation, Independent Age concluded that they were going to invest in new face-to-face, digital and lottery programmes. With that in mind, Independent Age set out to find a recommended External Lottery Manager (ELM) who could support them with setting up and running a lottery campaign – and they approached Woods Valldata (WV) to enquire about the suite of products on offer.


  • 2500 new supporters recruited
  • Income value of £56,000+
  • Face-to-face and digital recruitment
  • Full service including Direct Debit management

Our Approach

An initial consultation took place between IA and WV to assess their requirements and aspirations, which were as follows:

  • Independent Age wanted a lottery unique to their Charity – not wishing to pool with other Charities
  • An ELM with a strong support structure where guidance and advice could be provided
  • A suitable product to help a small Charity to get off the ground
  • Provision of a complete end-to-end service all under one roof with one point of contact (especially as they were looking for a Direct Debit management provider, too)
  • A supplier who could provide insurance for top-prize pay-outs, therefore reducing their expenses
  • An attractive price-point
  • A channel/product which connected well to their new face-to-face recruitment drive
  • Gambling Commission certification and best code of security practices in place
  • Hand-holding throughout the process

It was quite clear from these important factors, that our Aspire Lottery product would be a sensible solution to meet their needs. This product was created for Charities with a smaller player pool or those wishing to test the concept of a lottery for their brand. We also provide a comprehensive support package with a low-risk prize structure giving the Charity protection and confidence to branch out into this new world of gaming.


From point of concept to the draw date, Woods Valldata were able to get Independent Age up and running within 6 months which was a smooth and pain-free journey.

By investing in the channels of face-to-face and digital, Independent Age were able to comfortably recruit enough new players to meet the minimum number of chances (450), required to qualify for the draw, and they did this relatively easily within just three months.

Over a six-month period, Independent Age managed to recruit 2,500 new supporters and generated an income value of over £56,000, with an average gift of £6.47 and an average annual player value of £69.00.

Whatever your requirements we are sure to be able to help

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Positive Senior using Digital Tablet