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Building stronger supporter relationships with more efficient response handling and fulfilment

Discover how Woods Valldata deliver improved efficiency, better supporter service and reduced costs for PETA through our unparalleled response handling and fulfilment services for charities.

PETA is a charitable organisation that works to educate the public about the horrors of cruelty to animals through peaceful means. The charity runs a successful supporter engagement program which includes approximately thirty mailed appeals a year.


PETA were looking for a supplier who could provide an all-encompassing service incorporating complex response handling and fulfilment requirements.

As a charity with a strong focus on appeal mailings to its supporters, they wanted to be secure in the knowledge that their chosen supplier had the ability and capacity to provide the level of service they aspired to for their supporters.

Their need to find an established supplier who could also process and manage their vital Direct Debit income stream made Woods Valldata the natural choice.

Achieving a seamless transition from their previous supplier was very high on PETA’s wish list and Woods Valldata provided the peace of mind and strategic approach to facilitate this switch.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost reductions in the region of 30%
  • High levels of personalisation
  • Improved supporter affinity


Since working in partnership with Woods Valldata and making the most of our renowned response handling and fulfilment services for charities, PETA has experienced improved efficiency and resulting cost-reductions based on the Woods Valldata technology-led approach:

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