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Supporter Survey

A supporter survey is a means by which charities can find out more about their supporter-base. Surveys can be managed in-house or through a third party agency. Survey results can be used to enhance the supporters’ experience with the charity. Woods Valldata can support by response handling, scanning, data capture and thanking against survey responses.


Stewardship is often defined by different charities as different things. We like to think of it as developing a lasting relationship between the supporter and the charity.


ROI stands for Return on Investment and is one of the measures used in individual giving fundraising to calculate the relative success of a campaign or activity. However, ROI can sometimes be misleading as it does not reflect the ongoing or long term effect of the activity. ROI is calculated by taking the amount of […]


TPS stands for Telephone Preference Service and is a form of recognised suppression when charities embark on cold acquisition campaigns.


When a charity embarks on a campaign using cold or warm data, they will need to add a suppression file to exclude all those supporters or prospective supporters that should not be contacted as a result of their specified preferences either to that charity or to a central organisation (like the TPS).

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a form of individual giving channel whereby the charity advertises to prospective supporters in out-of-home spaces such as billboards, bus shelters and on public transport.