The perfect lottery for small charities and societies

At last, a simple, low-cost lottery that allows charities to generate significant ongoing income. Welcome to Affinity Lottery.

Affinity Lottery tap into the power of prize-led fundraising

Affinity Lottery is an off-the-shelf lottery product that has been created specifically for smaller charities and those looking to test whether Lottery is the perfect fit for their charity. NHS Trusts, health-based charities, animal charities, parish councils, Home Starts, children’s charities, disability charities, and many other not-for-profit organisations are already loving Affinity.

Affinity Lottery is quick and simple to set up and you get all the benefits of offering a big prize lottery, with no administrative burden and no ongoing fees. Amazing!

The creation of Affinity Lottery allows smaller charities to tap into the power of lottery fundraising. What are you waiting for?

Pay per play

Minimal costs, maximum rewards

You’re only charged for the chances played by your lottery players. After a small set up fee that’s it. Woods Valldata manages the administrative side of things so you can focus on your player recruitment and income – doing as much or as little as you like.

Big Cash Prizes

£25,000 weekly top prize

With a top insured prize of £25,000, £1,000 insured second prize and £300 worth of guaranteed runners up prizes your lottery will be more than competitive with others in the market – with winners every week. And the best bit? Woods Valldata will pay out the prizes each week so you don’t have to. You get all the benefits without having to bear the costs of a prize fund.

Simple Set-up

Get set up in a couple of weeks

Affinity uses templates to ensure your lottery not only looks good but is compliant too. We even set-up and manage your DDs for you. From sign-ups, payment processing, player admin and draw management, your lottery players are in safe hands.

Easy Income

Maximise income potential

Affinity lottery is the no risk, no fuss, no worry, no hassle way to increase income for your cause or club. We’ll take care of your lottery with minimal cost to you, leaving you with the time and energy to focus on growth and achieving your ambitions.

Online Ready

Your own digital lottery

Manage sign-ups quickly and easily through your own templated website with your charity branding. Supporters can choose their own numbers and set-up their payments via your user-friendly and straightforward lottery site.

Income Calculator

Channel Annual Budget No. of Players
Organic Recruitment n/a
Digital £ 125
Year No. of players Recruitment cost Processing cost Income Net income
Year 1 0 £ £ £ £
Year 2 £ £ £ £
Year 3 £ £ £ £
Total £ £ £ £

Year 1 Calculations

Channel Y1 Recruited Year 1 Income Processing Cost Y1
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £

Year 2 Calculations

Channel Y2 Recruited Year 2 Income Processing Cost Y2
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £

Year 3 Calculations

Channel Y3 Recruited Year 3 Income Processing Cost Y3
Organic Recruitment £ £
Digital £ £
Total £ £

How it works

Wondering how the figures stack up? Use our Income Calculator.

The Income Calculator is a quick way to estimate your break even point and annual income based on just digital recruitment and the number of players you estimate you might get from organic channels.

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What our charities say

Affinity FAQ’s

Why choose Affinity Lottery

If you have been considering starting a lottery for your charity, then Affinity is the perfect first step as our entry-level lottery platform. It’s quick and easy to set up, it has a one-off set up fee and once you’re up and running it’s then a ‘no play/no pay’ so you only get charged when you have one or more players.

How do we get set up

We have our own dedicated department to support you in getting your lottery platform set up.

What’s more, you’ll be able to use our Service User Number (SUN) to speed the set up process up, which would ordinarily take weeks to obtain.

How to become Gambling Compliant

We’ll help you cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s when it comes to getting your charity gambling compliant. We’re an external lottery manager registered with the Gambling Commission and our 20+ years of experience can guide you through the requirements of setting up and running a weekly lottery for your charity.

We know that introducing a lottery into your charity can carry perceived risk around problem gambling. Society lotteries are proven to be a low risk for problem gambling. Even so, at Woods Valldata we are committed to protecting vulnerable people. It is clear from the start of the sign up process that all Affinity Lottery platform content is not suitable for an audience under 18 years of age and there are validations in place to ensure only over 18s are playing. On your Affinity Lottery site you will have a link guiding players to more Gambling resources and information, please visit And if a player does call us to self-exclude, they are excluded from all play within Affinity Lottery, regardless of the charity.

How to migrate your current lottery to Affinity

Not to worry if you already have a lottery with another provider. We can easily import your data to your new Affinity platform and notify your players without missing a draw.

Latest case studies

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BRACE Dementia Research is a small regional charity, supporting researchers in South West England and South Wales. Its area of benefit is global, and it increasingly attracts donations and help from supporters around the UK and abroad.

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