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We’re here for you. Our Resources section provides a wealth of thought leadership to support your individual giving fundraising initiatives.

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Events & Webinars

The Lowdown Webinar: Individual Giving Insights 2022

What’s happening in individual giving fundraising in 2022 and what should we be focusing on for 2023?

The Lowdown Individual Giving Insights 2022 webinar from fundraising services specialists, Woods Valldata, provides some of the answers.

Data Strategy

Woods Valldata presents… data strategy

Have you ever wondered how you can make your data work better for your charity fundraising? I mean, really work for you?

Helen Daw from Woods Valldata and Ella Pierce from Sightsavers present their top tips for data strategy and how to apply it to truly enhance your individual giving fundraising activity.

Events & Webinars

Prize-Led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2023

Find out the latest benchmarks and trends in prize-led fundraising from Woods Valldata to help inform your strategy and see how your programmes compare to the market.


We’re proud of Woods Valldata: Response Handling & Fulfilment

We’re proud of the work in outsourced fundraising services we do for UK charities. Angela Davis, Emma Andrews and Jo Scott tell us more about what they’re most proud of in the work we do to support our charity partners.


How Woods Valldata partner with charities on their Response Handling and Fulfilment

Knowledge and experience combined with people who care about your charity fundraising programmes make Woods Valldata the first choice for outsourced response handling and fulfilment. Angela Davis tells us more.


Why Woods Valldata are a great choice for Response Handling and Fulfilment

Woods Valldata are leaders in charity outsourced response handling and fulfilment. Hear from our Account Directors about our service and why we’re the right fit for your fundraising team.