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Deep dive data analysis sets higher raffle growth aspirations

The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home raffle is in the top 10* best-performing charity raffles in the UK – it continues to perform brilliantly. So how do we grow and develop it further?


Battersea has worked with Woods Valldata on their raffle for more than 9 years. Over this time, their raffle has grown consistently. A healthy testing programme and investment in acquisition mean the raffle now achieves over £1m gross income each year. But could the raffle work even harder; Increasing ROI and improving the supporter experience? Future-proofing for a new audience demographic? And are we testing the right things to deliver the best results?

Woods Valldata, as prize-led fundraising experts, suggested Battersea look again at the strategic direction of the raffle starting with a deep dive data analysis project and recommendations.


  • Clear understanding of player behaviours and programme traits such as key attrition points
  • Positive reinvigoration of the wider fundraising team around raffle
  • Data re-segmented to increase life-time value and improve engagement

  • Diversification of programme to attract additional / peripheral supporter types
  • Test plan including key engagement pieces created to improve results over time against strategic objectives
  • Supporter journey planning by channel (direct mail and digital) to improve supporter experience

Our Approach


The start of the project centred around a raffle data analysis deep dive to look at:

  • Segmentation and sector benchmarking
  • Focusing raffle strategy and supporter journey elements where they are needed most

The resulting insights helped focus thinking, inform idea generation, and provide recommendations to take forward for the programme.


5 core recommendations came from the deep dive data analysis.

1 – Continue to grow active player volumes through warm conversion and cold acquisition.

2 – Retain active raffle players through key engagement pieces.

3 – Reactivate lapsing raffle players with targeted reactivation communications (outside of the existing data model).

4 – Consider the ask strategy across 0-12m segments within the model to maximise response.

5 – Maximise lifetime value by focusing on converting one-off players or new recruits into repeat players.


Once we had a clear picture relating to the background of the raffle, our player personas, behaviours and core areas for change we worked collaboratively with Battersea to identify where best to focus our efforts.

We’re at the start of the journey of implementation to the raffle. But the process has delivered significant benefits for Battersea already:

  • Understanding the raffle programme and where opportunities lie
  • Increased excitement around the raffle within the team, and across the fundraising organisation
  • Clear pathway to increased success within optimised segmentation planning, ask strategy, new innovations and initiatives, and test plan

Continuous Improvement

A strategic plan is an organic document. It will continue to be fed over each campaign by test results, and campaign results. We’ll continue to track trends at regular touchpoints throughout the year and adjust the plan if needed. It’s all part of our collaborative raffle planning approach – working in an ongoing partnership with our charity partners.

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