Small Charity Lottery Diversifies Supporter Base

Over The Wall (OTW) is a UK based charity for children and young people with health challenges and disabilities to discover a world of mischief and magic. They provide a safe place to step outside of comfort zones, establish friendships and build confidence through meaningful and exciting activities.


There are around 100k children living in the UK with serious illness at the moment, but OTW can only serve a small percentage. They want to grow and come up with new products to reach more children – and grow their fundraising income to make camps more accessible to those children.

Not many people have heard of OTW unless they have already benefitted from their services. The individual giving team were looking at ways to expand their fundraising and diversify their supporters to include those who are not direct or indirect service beneficiaries.

OTW set up a small charity lottery with Affinity Lottery to reach new supporters and recruit new donors outside of their existing beneficiary base.


  • Attracting new supporters to OTW
  • Lower attrition than general regular giving
  • Key fundraising product in just 1 year

Our Approach


A member of the team at Over The Wall (OTW) had a previous positive experience of working with Woods Valldata. So, when they were looking at ways to expand their individual giving programme with lottery, Woods Valldata were an obvious choice to approach.

Compared to another lottery product on the market, Affinity Lottery from Woods Valldata was a better offer for OTW offering a small charity lottery with lower fees and a better return on investment


OTW reserved the first year from launch to test if there was an appetite for a small charity lottery with supporters. It was an unknown product for the charity and so they wanted to ensure it was right before they invested heavily in promoting it. The way Affinity is set up, with a low up-front set-up fee and then fees only applied per chance played, meant that they could test and learn around the product without a major up front investment

The platform provides:
  • Campaign URLs to easily identify which campaigns are performing
  • Up to the minute programme dashboard showing player volumes and value
  • Full suite of reports updated weekly after each draw
  • Instant access to your player database

Plus lots more!

Continuous Improvement

A year from launch OTW could assess how well the product had worked for the charity. Results showed lower attrition than other regular giving streams and it had mostly attracted players who had never donated to OTW before.

Since such positive results, Lottery has been at the forefront of supporter acquisition for OTW. The product lends itself well to attracting new supporters in the current economic climate – people are being careful with their money but still want to support causes that are important to them. With the lottery they’re still doing something good, plus there could be a big pot of money for them in the £25,000 jackpot.

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