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Published by Woods Valldata

Coming Together: Woods & Valldata Update

Woods Group and Valldata

It’s an exciting time here at Woods Group, and what better way to share the excitement than to tell you all about it.

Since announcing the news of the Valldata acquisition in September, we’ve carried out a variety of scoping exercises that have helped form the basis of our Coming Together Programme. This aims to carefully and strategically bring the companies together in operating from our new, state of the art joint premises by September 2018.

As with all things, communication is key will be key to the success of the programme, and so staff across both companies have been taking time to become familiar with each other and the valuable work that we carry out for our clients right across the donor journey.

Equally, we’re keen for our clients to be kept abreast of our progress but also to be able to share with you how our complementary services are coming together effectively, the innovation and additional breadth that is creating within our service offering, and the very real added value that may bring to our clients.

In kicking off this process, Woods Group and Valldata staff have been getting to know each other and learning about their respective specialisms through ‘team swaps’. This has seen employees from each organisation spending time at the others’ site, meaning we’re all benefiting from boosting our knowledge and understanding for the future.

Finally, we recently enjoyed a ‘ground-breaking’ ceremony at the building site of our new Chippenham HQ. Work has begun, the footings are in and we’re on track with this purpose-built development.  We’re truly excited about the benefits that being based at one cutting edge site will bring to our clients work.

We will continue to keep you updated with our progress and plans along the way.  In the meantime, should you have any questions about our merger plans please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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