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Published by Woods Valldata


Following on from the announcement by the Government on Monday evening, and further to our statement issued on 18 March we wanted to provide an update on the measures Woods Valldata have taken to ensure we can continue to support our clients during these unprecedented times.

As mentioned previously we have split the business in two groups, those whose job allows them to work at home and those whose job requires them to be at the office. The safety of our staff is paramount therefore we have implemented social distancing within all areas, this has included moving people into other areas of the building to ensure the number of people in each area or room is kept to a safe level without compromising our security measures, whether physical or logical.

We have also restricted movement around the office and in communal areas, and remote working staff are not permitted to attend the office unless approved by a member of the Incident Management Team (IMT). A full-time cleaner has been employed since the latter part of last week to ensure all communal touch points are sanitised on a continuous basis during working hours, with a full clean being done at the end of each working day.

If you would like to view our latest Risk Assessment, please follow the link on our homepage.

We have given over 120 staff the ability to work from home, and approx. 100 are already doing so, the remaining still require to be in the office on occasion to complete specific tasks that cannot be done remotely, or where additional resource is required in the office based Inbound or Outbound
operational areas. All the members of the IMT have the ability to work remotely, however we have taken the decision to rotate team members presence in the office to ensure continuity of support to office-based staff as well as protect the team member’s welfare.

The IMT will continue to ‘meet’ on a daily basis to ensure that we are fully prepared if and when the situation changes, or where a client may require additional support in ensuring their business continuity.

I am confident that with the measures we have implemented, and the unwavering support and commitment from our people, we will continue to provide the required levels of service needed to enable you to continue with your vital fundraising and the many Emergency Appeals we are now handling on your behalf.

We will provide further updates if and when our plans change but until any change you can assume business as usual.

As always thank you for your continued support.

Ian Scarr

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