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New fully-managed weekly lottery for mid-sized charities

We’re excited to launch a new weekly lottery product called The Foundation Lottery. This lottery makes the fundraising benefits of a weekly lottery more readily available to mid-sized charities by better managing the recruitment investment required during the launch phase.

Lotteries are an effective way for your charity to raise funds by attracting donors who are motivated not only by your charity’s cause, but also by the chance to win prizes. Yet, we know that the initial levels of investment required can seem daunting for many charities.

The 80/20 rule

Our Client Director Jo Scott explains,

“Under Gambling Commission regulations, a charity must spend no more than 80% of the proceeds from ticket sales from each lottery draw on prizes and operating expenses, and must give at least 20% of lottery proceeds to its charitable purposes.”

In traditional weekly lotteries, all prizes are paid out weekly. This means charities must invest heavily in marketing and recruitment campaigns to attract sufficient player numbers needed to cover their prize money pot. The players need to be in place by the time of the first draw which means focusing significant recruitment investment in a short window during the launch phase.

Our prize fund insurance

As the leading fundraising services provider, we’ve developed a weekly lottery product that helps mid-sized charities overcome these challenges and establish their own lotteries with a smaller initial pool of players.

We do this by insuring the two top prizes of £20,000 and £1,000. Your charity only funds ten guaranteed weekly runners up prizes of £25 each. This means your lottery only needs around 400 players for the first draw.

How it works

For £1 per chance per week, paid by Direct Debit or Text to Play (SMS), your players choose six numbers between one and 49. By matching the numbers produced by our weekly random number generator, players can win prizes in two-tiers:

Tier 1 – where Woods Valldata insure and manage the prizes:

  • a first prize pot of £20,000 for matching six out of six numbers
  • a second prize pot of £1,000 for matching five out of six numbers

If more than one player matches five or six numbers, we share the prize pot equally with each winning player. If no player matches five or six numbers, we don’t issue any top prizes that week.

Tier 2 – where your charity funds the prizes and Woods Valldata fulfil them:

  • ten guaranteed winners of £25

Your support from Woods Valldata

Using our Gambling Commission audited lottery systems & software and our vast experience with running lottery campaigns, we can fully manage your lottery. This includes:

  • Creating and hosting a branded website for your players to sign up online.
  • Processing all your online, face-to-face, door-to-door or telemarketing sign ups
  • Managing all Direct Debit payments on your behalf
  • Fulfilling welcome letters, customer service letters and winner prizes
  • Managing a Supporter Services telephone line for new signups and player enquiries
  • Providing player data exports, and lottery performance and Gambling Commission submission reports weekly
  • Providing on-going support from our experienced Account Management and Commercial teams to help you promote your lottery and ensure full compliance with all regulations.

Once you have established your Foundation Lottery and are attracting more players and ticket sales, your charity could progress to our Weekly Lottery and new Lottery by Text products.

For more information on our Foundation Weekly Lottery and other lottery products, please contact us.

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