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New Response Handling Manager

We are delighted to welcome Louise Harden to the team at Woods. Louise joined us at the beginning of November to manage and support our 50+ strong response handling team.

Below, George Collins, our Client Services Director, discusses the role with Louise.

Louise Harden

The response handling team has the key role of handling all public responses from the numerous campaigns we manage for our clients. These responses include donations, ticket sales and supporter information requests. The team ensure that all postal responses are opened and recorded (scanned), any payments banked and the supporters appropriately thanked. They also receive and manage calls and emails through to conclusion, so it’s a very busy department.

Louise was kind enough to tell me a little more for this blog post.

As Response Handling Manager what is involved in your role?
“I look after the entire response handling team. It’s a very big department which is split into 4 divisions; post & scanning, banking, data capture and supporter services. My role is to ensure that all responses are dealt with to the clients’ guidelines and also, importantly, to look for opportunities to exceed expectations. One of my current focuses is supporter services, the area in which we handle emails, phone calls and postal responses that require extra attention. In this area we are looking to add real value. For example, if a supporter has special instructions for a donation, or there is a touching story, we want to ensure our response is pitched perfectly.”

What is your background?
“I’ve been working in the customer service arena for 20 plus years. I started in a help desk environment, then moved to managing small, medium and large first line teams. I progressed into project and change management, dealing with complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Through these roles I have gained an in depth understanding of customer support, management of people and projects and also how to implement and manage change.”

What excites you about your new role?
“Delivering great service and finding ways to go the extra mile. How can we deliver a consistently good service and also find ways to do better, to exceed client expectations? This is the question that drives me to look for continuous improvement, to embrace change when it is needed, to stay ahead and deliver exceptional service.”

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