Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends 2022

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We’re proud of Woods Valldata: Response Handling & Fulfilment

We’re proud of the work in outsourced fundraising services we do for UK charities. Angela Davis, Emma Andrews and Jo Scott tell us more about what they’re most proud of in the work we do to support our charity partners.

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How Woods Valldata partner with charities on their Response Handling and Fulfilment

Knowledge and experience combined with people who care about your charity fundraising programmes make Woods Valldata the first choice for outsourced response handling and fulfilment. Angela Davis tells us more.

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Why Woods Valldata are a great choice for Response Handling and Fulfilment

Woods Valldata are leaders in charity outsourced response handling and fulfilment. Hear from our Account Directors about our service and why we’re the right fit for your fundraising team.

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Woods Valldata Prize-led Fundraising Benchmarking and Trends Webinar 2022 on-demand

This free 90-minute webinar is perfect for you as a fundraiser involved, or thinking about being involved, with a raffle or lottery product at your charity to get the inside track on what’s happening in this exciting fundraising stream.

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The Lowdown: Individual Giving Trends 2021

This event offers a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from some of the UK’s leading fundraisers about their stories, what has impacted them, what they think will be the biggest trends in 2022, and what they think you should watch out and prepare for in the months to come.

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Charity Weekly Lottery from Woods Valldata

Watch this short animation to discover the value adding weekly lottery to your charity’s fundraising programme can bring. And how working with Woods Valldata can further enhance your programme’s effectiveness.

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Response Handling and Fulfilment from Woods Valldata

Outsourcing your charity response handling to a third party fundraising services partner can save your charity valuable time and resource. But what should you look out for when choosing the right partner? This short animation from Woods Valldata runs through some of the key attributes of the right fundraising services partner.

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Front cover of chartered institute of fundraising report

Fundraising and Giving During Covid: Chartered Institute of Fundraising Report

Woods Valldata is one of 12 contributors in the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s ‘Fundraising and Giving during COVID – Reflections and Insight’, offering an insight into how fundraising has changed over the pandemic.

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About Woods Valldata

Informative video describing the charity fundraising services offered by Woods Valldata

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Charity Direct Debit services from Woods Valldata

Running a successful committed giving programme using direct debits is a great way of generating regular, forecastable income and increasing donor loyalty for your charity. Watch this video for top tips on why outsourcing your direct debits will benefit your charity.

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