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Discover Woods Valldata’s digital and archive scanning charity support services  


Digital archive scanning is a fantastic way for charities to create space, improve efficiencies, facilitate GDPR auditing and speed up supporter queries resolution. 

… and this is just one of the many different charity support services we can offer you here at Woods Valldata! 

More specifically, our digital and archive scanning services will provide your charity with: 

Accessible and secure digital records 

Storing records in warehouses is costly in space and time. Many charities are looking at ways to digitise their historic, current and future records making the data accessible yet secure.  

Digital archive scanning is a way for charities to create space, improve internal efficiencies, facilitate GDPR auditing and speed up supporter queries resolution through digitising records. 


Fast, efficient data capture 

As part of our charity support services, Woods Valldata is able to take your paper records, sort them, batch them, scan them and securely store them all in a matter of minutes.  

Our high-speed archive scanning lines uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitise your paper records at speeds of up to 10,000 images per hour, capturing, verifying and digitising key information fields and redacting unnecessary data.  

The result: efficient, GDPR-compliant access to validated records for you and your team! 

Immediate retrieval 

No more scrambling through archive boxes to find the records you need for query handling and auditing! A secure online portal complete with quick look-up functionality gives you instant access to your images.  

With this charity support service, you can also directly import and host any pre-existing image you may hold which can be stored and viewed in the same way. 

Digitisation as standard 

Whatever the size of the back-log task you’re facing, or if you’re just keeping up with current campaigns, we have the capacity and capability to help.  

And if we’re already supporting you in handling campaign responses through our response handling or Direct Debit service, archive scanning is completed as standard for each campaign. 


See the success you could achieve for yourself in our case study! 

Read how we scanned and archived over 30,000 documents for PETA.

Download the case study. 

The first page of Woods Valldata’s digital and archive scanning charity support service case study with PETA.

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