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Making outsourcing Direct Debit work for you

Woods Valldata make outsourcing your direct debit management simple and easy and compliant from the outset.

Outsourcing your Direct Debit
 management to Woods Valldata supports your fundraising programmes by: 

  • Reducing risk and transferring liability
  • Improving speed to first payment claim
  • Helping reduce attrition
  • Staying up-to-date and compliant
  • Ensuring each and every claim is made on time

Choosing your Direct Debit third party partner should be straight forward as well. At Woods Valldata we’re committed to our charity partners and take your reputation and your data security seriously.

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We’re an approved Bacs bureau managing and payment processing paper and paperless DDIs for over 20 UK charities since 2000. Our experienced specialist team claims over 10 million Direct Debit payments per year totally in excess of £90 million.

Our proudest achievements are the longstanding relationships we have built with our clients. We have worked with almost 80% of our clients for over five years and 40% for over 10 years.

Find out why outsourcing or migrating your Direct Debit management to Woods Valldata is simple and easy.

Our expertise means you get:

Secure speed and efficiency

We import from a variety of sources to match your programme with data validation, verification and cleansing occurring immediately. 

Our highly experienced team make sure your submissions are made accurately on time, every time adhering to strict Direct Debit regulations approved by Bacs in a secure environment. First payment can be made in just 21 days from receipt of data.

Payments are made directly into your bank account, so when a claim is successful, you get the income immediately.

Visit our state-of-the-art purpose build secure facility so you can see for yourself that your data and donations are safe with us.

Automated communications

Tailored to your claim dates and frequencies, our automated systems can manage high volumes. Triggered and initiated communications ensure advance notices are sent in time and stewardship and retention communications are released at known cancellation points to reassure supporters and reduce attrition. Failed DDs are followed up within 48 hours with variable letters reflecting the reject reason.

Ask us about our:

  • SmartThank thanking
  • Print on demand
  • Email communications

Visit our state-of-the-art purpose build secure facility so you can see for yourself that your data and donations are safe with us.

Instant access

Add new contacts, set up, cancel or amend DDs, view supporter DD transaction history and view reports at the touch of a button through our online portals designed to give you control where you need it.

Ask us about our:

  • Contact Manager secure database
  • Self-service reporting dashboards enhanced by Power BI

Chat to one of our friendly experts about our instant access portals today.

Ready to outsource your direct debits to enhance your supporters’ experience?

Outsourcing to Woods Valldata takes the hassle out of Direct Debit management so you can rest easy that you’re in safe hands and your supporters’ regular gift is handled expertly reducing attrition and enhancing supporter experience

Like the sound of that? Then let’s get started…

What our clients say

Age UK Direct Debit Migration

Outsourcing time-consuming Direct Debit (DD) processing made life easier and simpler for Age UK through Woods Valldata’s Direct Debit for charities service.

RNIB Direct Debit Migration

Moving their in-house Direct Debit processing to Woods Valldata delivers efficient and scalable management giving teams more time to focus on strategic activities.

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