Increasing net-income through play-again rates and player retention

Implementing an incentive programme increases response rates by over 15%


Raffle is a core fundraising product for RSPB and resonates well with their supporters. Cross-sell into raffle from other programmes is a vital part of developing the life-time value of supporters, with 10% of new players entering the programme that way. As a result, the programme is thriving. We wanted to find a way to keep players playing. And so the Golden Ticket incentive draw was launched.


  • 15% higher response rate YOY for 0-12m active raffle players in first incentive draw
  • Minimal additional programme cost for significant returns

Golden Ticket incentive launched Christmas 2018 seeing a 15% increase in response rate year-on-year and a further 10% increase the following year.

Our Approach


Woods Valldata work closely with RSPB on their raffle strategy and this all starts with the data. We identified that more could be done to retain the important 0-12m raffle players to stop them lapsing into 13-24m players, with the associated drop in response and gift (more than 50% reduction compared to 0-12m players). We wanted to bring some additional excitement into the programme.


Incentive draws stimulate either response or gift levels within the raffle programme. Out of the many incentive draw types available, we recommended Golden Ticket as a test case for 0-12m retention at peak raffle period: Christmas.


With RSPB’s primary objective being net income, we needed to keep costs to a minimum in launching the incentive. The biggest additional cost would be printing the base stock for letters and outers for an additional variant. We were able to avoid any additional cost by making the Golden Ticket promotion part of the variable laser-printed text: showing through the address window and in the letter copy itself. In this way, it’s only the Golden Ticket insert printing and the prize offered as part of the additional draw which added any cost.

Continuous Improvement

Woods Valldata work in partnership with RSPB on their prize-led programme, continually looking for ways to improve net income and player volumes. From incentives to drive play again rates, to pack design changes to increase door-step standout, to variable thanking routines to acknowledge support and build relationships, Woods Valldata make considered and appropriate strategic recommendations that continue to incrementally strengthen the RSPB raffle programme.

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